Safe Combination Change

The security of your valuables relies on proper access control to your safe.  This starts with the combination used to unlock and open your safe.  Ask yourself these questions;

  • Did previous managers / employees have access to your combination?
  • Has someone seen your combination while you opened your safe?
  • Have you given your combination to someone to temporarily access your safe?
  • Have you written down your combination in obvious places, such as under your keyboard?
  • Have you had your combination for “as long as you can remember”?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, you need a safe combination change!



You are not stuck!

Whether your safe has a mechanical style safe lock, or an electronic keypad, you are not “stuck” with your current combination.  All of Stubb Safe & Vault’s technicians carry the necessary tools and are factory trained by most safe lock manufacturers to perform this task quickly and efficiently.

Can I change my own combination?

Due to the specialized tools and techniques required to change a typical mechanical safe lock combination, we do not recommend this for the average end-user.  However, in the event that you are comfortable with the process of changing your own mechanical combination, we can provide you with the proper “change key” for your lock, along with the changing instructions from the lock manufacturer.  We can also provide on-site instruction and demonstration of the changing procedure.

Can you make it easier for me?

We sure can!  For the end-user that does wish to change their combination on a regular basis, we recommend the installation of an electronic safe lock, such as LaGard Electronic Safe Locks.  Electronic safe locks make it exceptionally easy to change your own combination in a matter of seconds.


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