Safe Service

Safe malfunctions are not only an inconvenience, but a potential revenue loss! Safe service can prevent costly lockouts and down-time!

Lockouts always happen at the most inconvenient times.  Ready to open up for your morning rush?  Does your safe agree?  Although we have acquired many clients over the years because we’ve helped them out when they were locked out of their safe and could not open their business, this is not how we prefer to meet.

Safe service, what is it?

Just like anything else you own and use, your safe is going to require maintenance.  Safe service refers to the cleaning and lubrication of your safe’s lock / dial (mechanical lock) and boltwork.   Without proper maintenance, the life expectancy of your safe will be greatly reduced, along with increasing the risk of a costly lockout.

Our technicians will come to your site, disassemble your safe, clean, lubricate, reassemble and test the operation of your safe to ensure it will continue to provide reliable operation when you need it.

How often do I need it?

We recommend annual service for the most reliable operation, particularly for safes with mechanical locks, with every two years being our minimum recommendation for safes with electronic locks.